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How to add an Office Announcement



This video shows you the benefits that Agents can get from using the Office Announcement functionality in RealtyBackOffice.

If you are an Agent and you, for example, wanted to advertise a property within your office and you wanted to share a listing with your fellow agents, you can definitely do so by going to the Dashboard and clicking on Add New in the Office Announcements section. In the pop-up window that will appear, you can add a Title and put a description in the body of the announcement. You can also use the editor tools to add an image or links, etc. To add an image, click on the Image icon > paste the URL address in the URL field > press the tab on your keyboard to go to the Width and Height fields to size the image accordingly > then, click Ok. Once you are done creating the office announcement, click on Save at the bottom of the pop-up so that the announcement is seen on the Dashboard, and now the office will know that you have a new listing that is coming up.

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Updated on April 27, 2022